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2. An Invitation to Virtual Council  ~ by Andy Gray, on behalf of the Virtual Council Team

Three of Illuman’s spiritual touchstones are:
  • Centering – We are men grounded in the power of the here and now.
  • Gathering – We are men who listen deeply to each other’s stories.
  • Connecting – We are men who choose another to walk with, shoulder-to-shoulder.
One way to do all three of these is through the ancient practice of Council: gathering intentionally in a circle with others, sharing our stories, and being deeply present to one another. Council is a fundamental practice within Illuman’s work; all around the world, men are gathering together regularly in local Council Circles.
One of the questions that we are asked frequently is, “How can I find other open-hearted men to connect with?” Perhaps you’re in an area that doesn’t have an active Illuman chapter, or it’s difficult for you to attend a local gathering, or you just don’t know other Illuman men nearby. Or maybe you recently attended a Men’s Rites of Passage and want to maintain a deep connection with other men with whom you shared that experience.
Illuman Virtual Council

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